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STRADE Home - Everything for you and your children. For home, garden and your business

A general store with articles for home, office, garden, equipment for workshops, etc.

Looking for quality apartment and office fittings that will last you a lifetime? Then look no further, as we offer only the finest
home décor products for a reasonable price. Feel free to browse through a wide selection of garden and office furniture,
as well as toys for children, clothing and other made-with-care items available at our online store. We are 100% positive
that, whether you’re searching for a perfect gift for someone special in your life or to breathe new life into your apartment,
you’ll be satisfied with the end result.
It doesn’t matter if you’re browsing for a perfect garden furniture to add to your collection or are in need of toys for children
from the newest fantasy set – our stock is sure to cover all of your needs. So waste no time and start searching for that
perfect home décor product you’ve been looking for all this time or a clothing piece that just fits your style – we’ve got it all!